4 Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

You can make this Valentine’s day forever memorable to your significant other by giving them a gift that is literally out of the box. Valentine’s day is a time where people put their best foot forward to express their love to their partner. Here are some of the things you can do to stay ahead of the pack and make this season unforgettable.

1. Buy property

A sure way to communicate your love for someone is to secure their future by ensuring that they have a home to come back to. You may consider buying them property at a place they like or in their dream retirement location. Buying property is also ideal for someone with whom you are looking to build a future with. Giving them a key to their new home could also be the key that unlocks their heart.


2. Valentine’s home makeover

You may also spice up things with your significant other this Valentine’s day by gifting them a home makeover. If you have noticed that the paint in their house has gotten a bit faded or the carpet looks like it was used in the second world war, consider making over their house for them. Your partner deserves to come back to a nice cozy home.

Valentine's makeover
Knowing what your loved one likes and helping them achieve it is an act of service that shows love

3. Property management

If you have a partner who owns some property and is always worried about the logistics of managing it, get them a reliable property manager to relieve them of the stress. A property manager can handle concerns such as sanitation, security and even rent collection on behalf of their partner. In a way, this is an indirect gift to you too because it will give your partner more time in their hands which can be spent with you. If they have been postponing that ‘baecation’ because there is no one to manage their property while they are away, consider talking to Zada Consult and gift your partner some peace of mind.

4. Help with the mjengo

An unmistakable gift for your partner is to help them with the hustles of construction. If your partner is in the process of constructing or developing property, you may need to find creative ways of showing your love and support. For instance, you may chip in financially even in the least of ways because let’s face it, building can be expensive. Normalize surprising your loved one with a bag cement!

It is important to note that what is unconventional to you may not necessarily be unconventional to someone else. So, whereas these ideas are a get place to start, you can go all out and explore your creativity to give your loved one a treat of a lifetime.


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