At Zada Consult, Market Research and analysis are fundamental to ensure development projects meet their forecast and targeted rate of return. It requires understanding the market, identifying an opportunity and tapping into it with the focus of achieving the highest and best use.

Our team of experts give proper attention to the market fundamentals that generate cash flows and identify existing gaps that inform concept development.

We help minimise risk by basing each project’s Benefit Cost Analysis on the possible worst case scenario through the implementation of realistic purchase and sales values. Our clients are our primary concern and make a point of involving them in each stage of our process. Our top down approach when analysing a development sites’ potential makes sure we give you a fair representation of a true market value and potential.

Our years of experience in residential and commercial real estate and across numerous geographies place us in the best position to identify project sites and recommend their highest and best use.

  •  Identifying location. that suit your development goals and budget.
  •  Market Research.Understanding current market trends and consumer behaviour.
  •  Investment Analysis. Conduct feasibility studies and due diligence investigations.
  •  Preparation of Business Case. Advise on the ideal product type and target market.
  •  Joint Venture Agreement/Land Purchase Agreement. Assist you with project funding requirements.
  •  Implementation.Negotiate and secure the

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