We act on behalf of our clients in transactions involving selling and letting of properties. Under Agency, our services are divided into three categories; Selling, Letting and Management of properties.

Our Services Help You In:

  • Selling

Looking to sell property? Zada Consult understands the real estate market and we can help you sell your apartment, your house, a commercial property or land, at the best possible price.

  • Letting

We have a comprehensive listing of available residential and commercial units to suit a wide range of client needs. We provide access to our pool of serious tenants achieving great prices in the shortest period.

  • Management

Through Property and Facilities Management, our team of professionals ensure maximization of returns and minimization of costs for our clients. We undertake contract negotiations on behalf of property owners and ensure regular maintenance.

Through our large resourceful database with an extensive number of potential customers. We employ a professional and dynamic team with extensive knowledge of the local market

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