We provide valuation advisory and market appraisal services for investment- grade real estate, understanding, analyzing and valuing the most basic to most complex properties. We are able to provide independent property valuation of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs.

This includes;

  • ┬áProperty appraisals, which provide a balanced assessment of the yield of a potential investment with regard to various factors such as the age, type, condition and construction of the property, market trends and rental values.
  • ┬áResearch on the costs and the continuing liabilities of retaining non- productive properties.

Why talk to us about property appraisal ?

  • Looking for an Investment analysis.
  • Searching for property insurance.
  • Find real estate financing.
  • Selling /listing your property in the market
  • For taxation purposes.
  • Mergers and acquisition. among others.

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