Looking to sell property? Zada Consult understand the real estate market and we can help you sell your apartment, your house, a commercial property or land, at the best possible price.


We have a comprehensive listing of available residential and commercial units to suits a wide range of client needs. We provide access to our pool of serious tenants achieving great prices in the shortest period.


Through Property and Facilities Management, our team of professionals ensure maximization of returns and minimization of costs for our clients. We undertake contract negotiations on behalf of property owners and ensure regular maintenance.


Zada: Home options

With the cornerstone of our sector approach in place, we are able to stay aggressive in pursuit of exceeding our clients’ expectations. We work continually to interpret and act upon economic forces in the marketplace.

Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial real estate developments. Therefore, we have a solid understanding of the key factors that vary between these two types of investments. Our balanced portfolio in commercial and residential real estate is a true testament of our passion for real estate.



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We offer a wide selection of marketing services covering both residential and commercial property classes as follows:

  • Residential Apartments & Villas
  • Commercial Offices & Retail
  • Serviced Properties & Business Centres
  • Investment Properties
  • Land

Moreover, our portfolio provides a resourceful database with an extensive number of potential customers. We employ a professional and dynamic team with extensive knowledge of the local market supported by the following innovative marketing solutions:

  • E-marketing
  • Social Media Network marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Outdoor Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Brochures & Exhibitions
  • Advertising on TV, Radio & Publications
  • Property Virtual Tours & Walkthroughs


Zada: Development process

Zada Consult combines the art and science of helping developers, investors, corporations, industries
and land owners optimize their real estate investments.
Understanding your real estate needs and how they fit in with the execution of your business plan is
integral to maintaining an edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Capitalizing on our deep local knowledge, superior market insights, and independence, we have helped numerous clients
navigate the difficult decisions as to when, where, why and how you acquire capital, buy, sell, lease or improve real property to
satisfy revenue objectives.

Our advisory and consultancy capabilities include:

  • Project Financing
  • Joint Venture Structuring
  • Deal Structuring


Zada: Agent with client

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals provide property development services and are dedicated to create value for
stakeholders by developing innovative, market-driven and integrated real estate projects.
Your project, your vision. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver exactly what our client
wants, in the timeliest manner, with the highest possible craftsmanship.

It is our job to translate your vision into reality and see through the process of transforming architectural
concepts to actual buildings with perfect symmetry.

  • We help our clients identify the most commercially advantageous products
         for the market and then work with them to establish the viability of a scheme as early as possible during the planning process.
  • Whether a modern and contemporary build or a more traditional build we have the broad range
         of skills required.
  • We offer a thorough design and consultation service that is reflective of the latest styles while
         also built to last improving the marketability of our clients’ projects.


Zada : About us home

We act on behalf of our clients in transactions involving selling and letting of properties. Under Agency, our services are divided into three categories; 

Our advisory and consultancy capabilities include

  • Letting
  • Selling
  • Management of properties


Why work with us

We provide valuation advisory and market appraisal services for investmentgrade real estate, understanding, analyzing, and valuing the most basic to the most complex properties.

Zada Consult offers valuation services that are integrated from a cross-section of practice and industry experts across the firm,

enabling us to offer interdisciplinary solutions for complex business valuation and appraisal needs.


Zada: Site management

The success of a real estate project not only depends onthe soundness of the foundation that is laid during the concept development stage, but also critically relies on the execution of the build. This consequently ensures quality and great investment returns. By providing a single source of accountability, Zada Consult serves as one-stop shop real estate solutions firm for our clients.

As a Company our focus is not just the quality of the finished building, but also the quality of service whilst getting there.

Backed by extensive experience, our professional project development and management team is

trained to deliver client projects within budget, timelines and the highest quality standards.

Our Key Competencies in Project Management include;

  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Procurement
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Project Exit


At Zada Consult, market research and analysis are fundamental to ensure development projects meet their forecast and targeted rate of return. We take a systematic approach to the process of researching the location, the local market, and the larger economic
influences on the population and property for our clients.

Making projections and decisions without the benefit of a detailed market analysis adds unnecessary risk into an investment analysis or feasibility analysis. Our team of experts give proper attention to the market fundamentals that generate cash flows and
identify existing gaps that inform concept development.

An essential first step in real estate project is the selection and acquisition of the right development site. Our years of experience in residential and commercial real estate and across numerous geographies place us in the best position to identify project sites and recommend their highest and best use.

The Site Acquisition Process

  • Identify Location
  • Market Research
  • Investment Analysis
  • Preparation of Business Case
  • Joint Venture Agreement/ Land Purchase Agreement
  • Implementation